A Memorable Journey of Fun and Friendship: Knovik’s Trip to Galle, Sri Lanka

Madusanka Premaratne
4 min readJul 31, 2023

Last week, the enthusiastic team members of Knovik embarked on a thrilling journey to Galle, Sri Lanka, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come. This trip was more than just a break from the busy startup life; it was an opportunity to strengthen friendships, overcome challenges of 100% remote work, and celebrate life together. From unexpected twists to joyous reunions, the trip was filled with laughter, bonding, and adventure.

Day Before the Trip:

As the team prepared for the adventure, fate had a few surprises in store. The day before the trip, a chance encounter with a university friend while shopping for liquor at Arpico Navinna set a playful tone for the upcoming excursion. With 10+ liquor bottles in hand, the mood was set for a fun-filled time.

Some of the team members, including Iroshana Wickremasinghe & Family, Nuwangi Herath, traveled to Colombo, eagerly awaiting the journey’s commencement on the next day. However, there was a moment of concern when Amali’s husband, Buddhika fell sick, and it seemed doubtful if he could join the trip. The news tugged at everyone’s heartstrings, but they hoped for a positive turn of events.

Trip Day:

The trip day arrived, and excitement filled the air. A few team members, led by the ever-resourceful organizer from our HR department, set off to collect items from a supermarket, a challenge that brought out camaraderie and efficiency within the group. There were 20+ items to be picked up and paid within 10 minutes. As we accomplish the task, a news came in that Amali’s husband Buddhika had recovered, and he would be able to join the team. It was a moment of collective joy, and everyone eagerly anticipated the adventures ahead.

The team set out from various locations, converging towards Galle. Some started from Kadawatha, others from Nuwara Eliya, and a group from Colombo. Meeting at the Welipanna Highway Service Area, they finally reunited, ready to enjoy the getaway.

The team arrived at a beautiful beachfront hotel, a perfect setting for their retreat. The clean and pleasant ambiance immediately lifted spirits, and the fun began.

To make up for missed birthday celebrations during remote work, the team threw a joint birthday bash for Ishara and Jeewantha, both born in the same month. Laughter and joy echoed around the pool as they celebrated with cake and camaraderie.

The pool became the center of merriment, as everyone enjoyed the refreshing water while sharing stories and bonding over drinks. Meanwhile, Radika and Nilmini had their own meaningful discussions on the rooftop, fostering connections beyond just casual friendships.

The day continued with photo sessions capturing the happiness of the team, followed by a delightful barbecue party featuring delicious food and refreshing drinks. As the sun set, the festivities transitioned into a lively karaoke night, bringing out the hidden singing talents of the group. The night extended into the early hours, as laughter and joy kept everyone high-spirited throughout.

The Second Day:

The following morning, a serene beach walk with Radika Dilanka, a fellow photography enthusiast, allowed for quiet moments amidst the laughter. Eventually, the rest of the team joined, and together, they explored the beautiful coastal scenery.

In addition to the joyous experiences and camaraderie, the trip to Galle held an even deeper significance for me personally. Galle was not just a destination for leisure; it held a special place in my heart because of my emotional connection to the city through my wife, Dinithi De Silva.

As we explored the picturesque locations along the beach and relished the sumptuous breakfast buffet, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of belonging. Galle was more than just a place on the map; it was where my wife’s roots lay, where her fondest memories were made, and where she had grown up.

As we strolled along the shore, the waves playfully splashed against us, leaving our clothes slightly damp. But our enthusiasm knew no bounds, and we continued to click away, undeterred by the occasional spray. The glistening ocean, the sandy beaches, and the radiant smiles of our fellow team members provided the perfect subjects for our photographs.

In no time, the rest of the team joined in, and the photography session turned into a lively affair. It didn’t matter that our clothes were now quite wet; the laughter and camaraderie were all that mattered. The wet clothes and the salty sea breeze seemed insignificant compared to the joy of capturing those precious moments together.

As we clicked away, the picturesque beauty of Galle came alive through our photographs, etching those memories into the frames forever. We didn’t mind getting a little wet; after all, it added a touch of spontaneity and adventure to our photography experience. These photos, soaked in both water and happiness, would serve as cherished mementos, a tangible reminder of the bond we shared during our incredible trip to Galle.

The trip to Galle, with its photo-filled moments and emotional connections, had left an indelible mark on all of us. It was a journey of friendship, celebration, and love, where every click of the camera captured not just the beauty of the surroundings but also the joy in our hearts. As we returned home, our hearts were filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences, the unforgettable memories, and the strong bonds we had forged during our escapade in Galle, Sri Lanka.



Madusanka Premaratne

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